The 1 kWh Challenge

3 Packaged systems - 800Wp, 1400Wp, 800Wp standbySee Brochure

Be the first person in your neighbourhood to embrace solar energy for your home.

The benefit:

  • Produce your own power
  • maintain grid connection
  • save up to $600.00 a year in electricity bills
  • Sell your excess energy at 0.82 Cents/kWhr to the local utility**
  • Buy the complete package here; all major components included***
  • Fully expandable
  • CSA/UL approved components
  • A fabulous 25 year power output warranty on the panels

Package includes: (Download Brochure)

  • 10 - 80W SunTech Panels (800Wp) total
  • flush mounts
  • 1 - Fronius IG2000 Inverter

Other Options: (not included)

  • Battery backup
  • Hybrid i.e. Wind Turbine, Micro Hydro
  • Balance of system components

* Price does not include taxes, shipping, installation

** Selling Price to Grid is 0.82 cents/kWhr in Ontario only; power production dependent on sunlight intensity and availabilty.

*** Balance of system components not included. Other component may be required depending on current installation area, location,electrical setup.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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