Residential Power Systems

Take the 1kW Challenge


Myth 1: There is not enough sunlight in Canada

The are thousands of Solar Powered installations in Canada debunking this myth. In some areas conditions can pose a special challenge. However, with an appriately designed Solar system, it can give you reliable service for many years even in remote locations.

Myth 2: Solar power systems are not efficient in a cold climate

Photovoltaic systems are actually more efficient in colder temperatures than in hot weather. Efficiency is based on light and not heat. Electons in a Photovoltaic cell flow more easily in bright cold environments.

Myth 3: Solar power systems are not proven or approved technology

Solar power have evolved enough to be connected to your local power grid; known as a grid-tied system. Its CSA and UL approved. Warranty on Solar Voltaic cells can be up to 25 years on the panels.

Myth 4: Solar power system are too expensive

Solar photovoltaics have come a long way since the 1950's when they were first invented. The fabication techniques have improved to a point where the price is dropping. As photovoltaics become more popular, the price will drop even further.


Ready to Order Grid- Tied Starter Packages:

1) 2000 watts per day generation

2) 5000 watts per day generation

3) 10000 watts per day generation



Types of Residential Systems:

Autonomous Photovoltaic System:

The autonomous Solar Photovoltaic system comprises of solar panel array mounted on the rooftop of a home or nearby on a mounting pole.

The solar array produces DC voltage which then will be used to charge a battery bank. The battery bank will provide the power required for the home. This system is not connected to a utility grid.


Hybrid-type Photovoltaic System:

The hybrid-type photovoltaic system will use a solar array and a battery storage system as above, but also power is supplimented by either a wind generator, or a gas powered generator during times where insufficient sunlight has been available to fully charge the battery bank.

Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System:

The grid-tied Photovoltaic system uses power generated by the sun, however during times of insufficient power the system feeds off the grid. During times of excessive power generation the home owner can produce more power than then require or used. The value of the excess power would then be credited by the power company to the home owner. The cost of power would be considerably reduced.



Advantages of Solar Residential:

  • Solar photovoltaic energy is clean energy
  • Well balanced solar system is reliable
  • Solar system can be connected to the grid
  • Solar photovoltaic system can be used in conjunction with other systems like wind, or diesel generators
  • Solar Photovoltaic systems can provide backup power when needed on grid-tie systems.

Check for Govenment Incentives:

Government of Ontario Incentives

Ontario To Pay Premium For Solar Power

"The Ontario government confirmed it will pay 42 cents for every kilowatt-hour of electricity that comes from small solar electricity systems." Mar. 22, 2006; Toronto Star