Solar Powered Lighting
L.E.D Lighting


Solar Powered Lighting can be used any where you need light. Of course you will need access to the sun.

Common areas where solar lighting is used:

  • Street lighting
  • school crossing
  • traffic signs
  • billboards
  • railway crossing
  • marine lights
  • aircraft runway lighting
  • emergency lighting
  • garden lighting

Call or Email TEKCEL Solar to discuss a lighting solution for your area or municipality. A package can be arranged specifically for your needs.


Solar Powered StreetLights

Solar powered streetlights require little no maintenance and can be installed practically anywhere. The system is also environmentally friendly and, is powered by our sun for energy.

The solar powered street light system is designed for use by governments, residential streets, highways, villages, driveways, parking lots etc. They can also be installed where the cost of installing power supply is prohibited or inconvenient to flood light, an area or sign at remote locations . They can also be independent of any power grid that may experience outage

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Cobra Style Streetlight package.pdf
Cobra and Shoe style LED Streetlight.pdf
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