Wind Site Selection

To maintain maximum power a steady wind is required. The higher the wind generator is placed, generally the stronger steadier the wind is. It is recommended that the wind generator be placed where there are no obstructions and cable lines should not be so long. Short lines close to batteries will minimize power loss.

Propeller and wind generators can cause a certain amount of noise, hence it is recommended to install generators away from living spaces.

It is recommended to check municipal agencies for proper codes and by-laws prior to installing a wind generator.

Wind Power


Why wind power as a source of energy?

Wind power as primary source of energy is highly dependent on a consistent wind of approximately 16 to 24 Kmh on average. Many places in Canada do not have a consistent wind, and it is usually light.

However, it is highly recommended as a complement to any Solar or photovoltaic installation. What this means is that you will generate power when the sun is out and when it is dark. Due to the municipal by-laws, one should check if a wind generator can be installed in your neighbourhood.

In Canada it is recommended because of the shorter daylight hours in the winter time, to put up a wind turbine.




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