We are located in Mississauga, specializing in the Sales and installation of:

• Solar (photovoltaic) Panels

• Wind Turbines

• Batteries

• Grid Tie and Autonomous systems

• Balance of System Modules

•LED lighting and Street Lighting

We are servicing Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA and Cottage Country. We welcome National and International enquiries.

Why Go Solar, I have Hydro?

Todays hydro prices have only one direction to go and that is up. Now that the Smart Meter is here, you will be billed higher prices at peak hours. Do you really want to do laundry after 12am in the morning.

With grid-tied, solar powered systems you can greatly reduce the cost of your hydro bill. Under the right conditions, your meter will run backwards; more power will be put back into the grid then you are using.



Todays Head Lines:

Ontario Power Authority updates Feed in Tariff Program: July 12, 2012

"Version 2.0 of the microFIT Program. The microFIT Program is now accepting applications from both pre-existing and new applicants. As part of this microFIT application window, the OPA will begin by awarding 50 MW of projects."

"Fixed Prices Proposed For Green Energy Project" Ontario Power Authority July 2012

Learn all about the OPA's MicroFit program microfit.powerauthority.on.ca