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What is Solar Power?

Basically put, solar power is the generating of electricity when photovoltaic cells convert sunlight to electrical energy. Sunlight is made of photons, (which can be thought of as a packet of light), strikes a photovoltaic cell, which causes electrons to flow within the cell.
When enough electrons flow, a current is generated; thus you have electric power.

If you place enough photovoltaic cells, also called solar cells, together you can even generate enough electricity to power your entire household.

Where can I use solar cells?

You can use solar panels (photovoltaics) anywhere you need power. For example, TEKCEL Solar can install for you solar panels on the roof of your home or cottage, thus reducing or removing your reliance on Hydro generated electricity.(See Green Power or Grid Tie for more information)

Solar cells can also be used in to provide power for lights, for use in bus shelters, billboards, traffic lights and signs.

While you are at it, why not power you RV or your boat?

How many Solar panels do I need? I am going Grid connected.

Utility Intertie tied system, also known as grid tied system feeds off the utility during the dark winter months, mostly from December to February. During times of excessive power production, the electricity can be sold back into the utility grid for either credit, or cash. Unfortunately, it depends on your local government and power company on how you are credited. Check with your local authority.

The number of solar panels required is determined by the kilowatts (kWhrs) used in one day (24hrs). This information can be obtained from your local utility electric bill. This value will allow you to calculate ROUGHLY how many panels to take care of 100% of your power needs. Do to either financial or amount of available space, this may not be feasable.



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