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Packaged Solar Systems:

TEKCEL Solar is pleased to offer from our Matrix Energy supplier complete packaged solar systems. From our cottage stand-alone systems to our Off-Grid System Sizing Tool to help you determine how much power you need.

How to estimate your power energy needs: Grid-tied.



This rough estimate will be in Kilowatt-hours(kWhr). Because the demand for electricity varies from season to season, I recommend that you find your electrical bills from the winter and the summer months. For example, if you found the bills for autumn, winter, summer and fall; add the kWhs/ month, obtain the average for the month.

Find your monthly average electricity Useage from your electrical bill.


From the average bill value above:

Find the daily average electrical usage, by dividing (the average for the month) number by 30 days. Secondly,

Find the peak average sun hours per day. Note: for a home occupied all year around you should use the winter values . Alternatively, if you are calculating for a summer only residence use the average peak sun hours for summer only. Note in Southern Ontario peak sun hours in the summer is 4.4 and the winter is 2.2.

Find your daily average electrical use. 2) Find the Peak sun hours per day in your area.

Basic examples of calculating your power needs can be found in Photovoltaic Buyers Guide, published by the Government of Canada. This publication provides a simplistic idea of how to calculate and size your photovoltaic system. Also there is a blank example of a power calculation worksheet for you to use.

For a more exact calculation of your PV size. Please contact a TEKCEL Solar representative.TEKCEL Solar email. Provide the average kW/hrs per day number, and as much detail about your home, cottage, industry or application. We will contact you with an estimated cost of a PV or hybrid system.

Example of Calculating your power needs